- Lunch and Learn CLE: Copyright/Trademark Issues with Websites

- Lunch and Learn CLE: Copyright/Trademark Issues with Websites

Copyright/Trademark Issues with Websites

Have you checked your clients’ websites lately? Images, copy, even the code? Have your clients been documenting the sources of their content? You need to keep an eye on it, there are lots of traps out there for the unaware client…and their lawyers.

Julie L. Reed is a partner at Miller Nash Graham and Dunn. Prior to Miller Nash, Julie was a partner and acting president of Marger, Johnson and McCollom, in-house patent counsel at Sharp Labs of America, and in-house patent counsel at Texas Instruments. Originally from eastern Washington, Julie has her Electrical Engineering degree from Wazzu, her MBA from the University of Dallas, and her law degree from Southern Methodist University.

When: Wednesday, February 27, 201912:00 – 1:00 pm

Where: Kell’s Irish Restaurant & Pub, 112 SW 2nd Ave., Portland, OR 97204 (503) 227-4057

Registration: https://techlaw.osbar.org/cles/upcoming/cle-copyright-trademark-issues-websites


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